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Sales (Inbound & Outbound):  


Since both inbound and outbound sales strategies are extremely crucial to success and the stepping stones of a thriving business, we want our clients to feel the health and heartbeat of their business (including generating strong leads) is in the best of hands. Let us help you get your sales team fully booked and ready to close those deals! Hire inbound or outbound sales professionals today!



Don't waste time fretting over receipts and filing financial paperwork - hire a bookkeeper! Let a member from our team of reliable and highly skilled financial record keepers rescue you from the headache of balancing the books on your own. Contact us today and get matched to just the right person to work with your company and set you on the path to increasing profits and seeing greater success.

Answering Service


Our dedicated call center professionals are highly proficient at answering your business calls, handling customer questions and taking messages as needed. No more worrying how you are going to juggle the phones and work with clients. We've got the solution! Hire one of our answering service professionals today!

Data Entry: 


We connect our clients to highly skilled workers who are readily trained for speed and accuracy on the keyboard. These individuals are prepared to take on your most involved data entry projects. These assignments may include surveys, forms, inventory records and more.

Customer Service


Many companies around the world choose to outsource customer support for their business. This enables them to hire professional customer service reps virtually to cover their customers needs through email, chat, or phone support. At Holts Staffing Services, we offer complete enterprise solutions for all your customer service needs.



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